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    Wednesday, December 7, 2016

    10 of the Hardest UK Degrees

    The following is a guide to the 10 hardest and most competitive degree courses in the UK. Follow this guide and we can help you rise to the challenge of these degrees by providing essay writing services from our dedicated team of assignment writers. Not only can our writing services offer reports, essays, research papers, and dissertations, but you will be assigned a writer that is an expert in their field. 

    Philosophy, politics and economics (PPE) is a favourite degree with politicians and only 15% of applicants are successful. If you require a paper on post-Marxist economic theory, or a dissertation on Neo-conservatism, our assignment writers can help you with an essay that will put you on course to obtain the same degree as Bill Clinton.
    Human Sciences, with only 14% of successful applications, is still a relatively young course, and the study of human phenomena demands knowledge of history, sociology, anthropology and economics. Our team of assignment writers can help you manage the diverse demands of this course.
    Fine Art is the eighth hardest UK degree with only 14% of successful applicants. Fine Art degrees are multi-disciplinary course that requires expertise not only in painting, but also film, photography, video production/editing, design and printmaking.
    Only 13.8% of applicants obtain a place on an Economics degree. Economics no longer means dusty academic texts, and many universities offer this degree with Geography, History, Creative Writing and English. So, whatever you choose, our team of assignment writers can help with your essay writing requirements.
    Obtain a Law degree and qualify to become a Solicitor or a Barrister. With only 12% of successful applicants, our assignment writers can help you to develop your essay writing skills on areas of law and the legal system to help you complete your course.
    Only 11% of applicants successfully win a place on a History and Politics degree course. Not only does this course require excellent essay writing skills but students are also asked to complete research papers on statistical analysis and quantitative research methodologies. Whatever level of expertise you require, our assignment writers can provide you with the help you need to meet the demands of this course.
    Do you find it difficult to understand the medical jargon used in television shows such as Casualty? Then perhaps a degree in Medicine will help you, but with only 11% of applicants successfully applying for a place it will be tough. However, if you want to specialise in Immunology, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, etc., then our assignment writers can offer you guidance and help.
    Whether it is The Shard or The Gherkin, a degree in Architecture will help you put your imagination (if not your name) on the map. Only 10.7% of applicants get the opportunity to change a skyline, so take advantage of our essay writing services.
    With more and more people playing computer games, obtaining a degree in Computer Science can be the pathway to a successful career, but only 9% of applicants obtain a place and competition is fierce. Get ahead of the pack and take advantage of the help our assignment writers can offer you.
    Finally, coming in at number one is Economics and Management with only 7% successful applicants. Allow our assignment writers to help you make sense of government policy-making and understand the enormous changes that are happening to global economic systems.
    Whatever your academic needs or requirements are, if you intend to apply for one of the top 10 hardest UK degrees, then please contact our assignment writers today- we are here to help you.

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